The Search For a Cheap Alternative to the Aimpoint Micro

I love the Aimpoint Micro. I bought 2 several years ago. At the time $400 seemed like an exorbitant price for a red-dot scope, but I expected they would be high quality and last a very long time. I have not been disapointed. I’d like to get a couple more, but now they are $650, so I decided to look around and see what I could find.


I started my search at They have always had reasonable prices and first rate customer service and the website is not blocked at work like most of the shooting related sites.

I started by clicking on any scopes that looked small like the Aimpoint Micro. I came up with 14 candidates, plus Aimpoint and Ultra-Dot for comparison and collected info about each, resulting in this Excel spreadsheet.

table snapshot

Click to Download Spreadsheet

I am intrigued by the Sig Sauer and Styrka brand scopes, however there are two things that make me hesitant, no options for sun-shades and they both have automatic shutoff.

Sun-Shades I don’t have extension tubes on my Aimpoints, but I like that some people are offering them (if anyone has a link I’ll be glad to add it here) and I may try them at some point.

Auto-Shutoff I don’t want auto-shutoff. Bullseye matches last all day. The last thing I want is the dot turning off in the middle of a string. I could get in the habit of pushing a button before each string, but that seems unproductive; I want to be thinking about the shot, not the dot. The Sig scopes have a feature that detects movement and turns back on. I may try one eventually, but if raising the gun doesn’t turn it on, it will go back to the seller. The Styrka scope list 1 hour as the shutoff time. If this is adjustable to longer delay time it might be acceptable, but I decided to try some of the others first.


After reviewing all the options I placed the order for Holosun 403GL, Konus Sight-Pro Atomic 2.0 and Barska AC11428. I will post reviews of each of them over the next few weeks or months as time allows.

Holosun 403GL


$235 List Price, $200 from Optics Planet and many online shops (as of August, 2016)

The Holosun looks like a good copy of the Aimpoint. At $170-250 they cost more than the cheap Chinese copies but still cost a lot less than an Aimpoint. At first I was put-off by the automatic shutoff, but it is listed as 8 hours, so it might be OK.

See my initial review of the Holosun here.

Konus Sight-Pro Atomic 2.0


$100 from Optics Planet and other online shops (as of August, 2016)

The Konus can display either a red dot or a green dot. I thought this might be interesting. I don’t have any problems with a red dot, I’ve used them for years, but it will be interesting to see if I light a green dot. I have a Konus Rifle scope and I’ve seen a few Konus spotting scopes. They are cheap, but useable. Definitely lower quality in terms of machining and fit-and-finish, but they haven’t fallen apart. The optics are OK, not great, but not terrible. I figured it was worth a try. We’ll see if it turns out to be a Hyundai or a Yugo. Plus, how cool will it be to tell my friends I have a “Sight-Pro Atomic 2.0!”

Unfortunately I was unable to mount the Konus scope on a Weaver rail, so I have not published a review of it, but just about everything I say about the Barska scope is true of the Konus as well.

Barska AC11428


$88 List Price, $80 from Optics Planet and other online shops (as of August, 2016)

Everything I said about Konus is also true about Barska, except I don’t own one, this is only a red dot and I am not going to brag about my cool new “AC11428!”.

See my initial review of the Barska scope here.


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